Various ON Page SEO Techniques

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Opt for Search Engine Optimization techniques


The Search engine optimization of a business website can bring in a world of benefits to your business. From increasing the sales and clients, to improvising the entire appeal and reach to the target group and also creating brand awareness; search engine optimization on the World Wide Web can be of all this and lot more.


There are different types of SEO techniques that one can opt for in accordance to the nature of their business. However, these SEO techniques are broadly categorized into two –


  1. Off page SEO techniques
  2. On Page SEO Techniques


Why should one opt for ON PAGE SEO Techniques


On-page SEO techniques is a way by which your website gets a higher ranking on different leading search engines. On-page factors have a direct relation with the content and structure of your website.

The main features of an on-page optimization are Title, Meta tag Description, Meta Tag Keywords, Keyword Density, and URL Structure.




The Title Tag is an area where the content is placed to highlight the title of the website on the top of the web browser window and is used to create a link in search results.


Meta tag Description


Tag Description happens to be a part of web page coding that offers a basic description of the website and plays a vital role in web page ranking.


Meta Tag Keywords


Meta Tag Keywords highlights the importance of the website.


Keyword Density


The percentage of keywords used on a specific webpage is known as Keyword Density and forms the backbone of SEO.


URL Structure


To earn a good ranking for your website, the URL of your website should be related to the website context.


Through a proper on-page optimization, you can expect your website to be among the top rankers on the search engine. The higher the rank the better will be your website traffic. Read More to gain a better understanding on this…


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