How to choose a wedding photographer in 5 steps


Wedding photography is increasingly important in weddings; the photographer captures moments and molds them beautifully to turn them into art. This is how wedding memories are created, available throughout your life if you know how to choose. Stay tuned to these five steps to get the photography images right.

Step 1: Define style and budget

First of all, you have to get to know each other and find out what style best fits your way of being, thinking, feeling … Just like that, your wedding photographs can reflect what you want on that important day.

If you do not know what styles exist, it is important to know that today photojournalism takes a lot, that is, photograph while narrating a story, without poses, with different planes and capturing unique expressions. It is intimately related to artistic photography, traditionally in the context of political scenarios or wars. It’s like a report that is made at street level, with camera in hand and pulling spontaneity, but with the wrapping of the nuptial cut. It is narrating life.

Step 2: Search

As with places, photographers are known to all grooms and the best tend to fly quickly. You already know the style you want for your photographic report, so limit the search field and start a year in advance if you get married in high season, or at least six months if you’re going to do it in the off season.

Step 3: Personal interview

You have to value the connection with them, since they will be present at all times and you can not feel uncomfortable; You must know your ideas in person, in case they really fit your personality; and do not forget to observe their work in their hands to find explanations on how they have faced each of their photographs, each of their challenges.

Step 4: Decision

Is that what you were looking for? If the work shown has to do with your initial idea, you have a long way to go. In this way, the photographs will come out alone, since you will speak the same language and everything will be familiar or, at best, surprising (in the good sense of the word). The important thing of a photographer’s work is to demonstrate that weddings can be original, daring and surprising, and that in 20 or 30 years when your children see the photo album say ‘how my parents love each other and how well they spend together’, that’s the intention.

Step 5: Conditions and contract

Try to close this part with everything clear. Sometimes, there are extras that throw down the initial ideas and it is better to know everything beforehand. Everything that inflates the price, both in the place of performance and in the post-production room, must be detailed. There is nothing like a professional who loves what he does, because then it will not be a job; it will be a passion with which he earns his living.

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