How to Choose Which Family Photos to Turn Into Wall Hangings

Do you want to decorate your house? If you do, you might also want to preserve treasured memories while at it. Wall hangings are a good idea. They can give the house a new look and feel, providing a refreshing experience. You might want to place the wall hangings in what is called a wall gallery—called so because you can fit in some art and your photographs.

When you want to have wall hangings, one of the things you worry about can be the frames or the mountings. Choosing suitable frames can be challenging, as well as an expensive endeavor. If budget is an issue, you can get your frames or mounts at a discount with a Shutterfly coupon and free shipping code. 

Whether you want wall hangings of your photographs or art,too, choosing the images you wish to include can be challenging. Here are a few tips on choosing which photos to turn into wall hangings.

Collect Your Good Photos in One Place

Collect all your good photos in one place, like a folder. Select your best-looking photos and those that make you feel good by looking at them. You want to have a great selection here. Break down the images into sub-folders and label them. 

You can go with outdoor photos, indoor photos, full family photos, travel photos, and so on. Keeping them organized in one place will make them easy to find when you are ready to print.

Choose Large Images

In picking your photographs, go for large images because theyretain their quality when printing. You can have large enough prints visible from across the room. Having a mix of small and large prints can give an excellent aesthetic to your wall gallery. 

Also, you should consider the space you will be placing the photos. You want the images to be big enough to see from across the room but not too big that they stick out.

Choose Beautiful Images

When selecting your photos, make sure you include photos with sceneries. Images with an incredible view look better than plain photos. Having such photos in your wall hanging will cause the collage to look more attractive.

Match Your Photos to Your Décor

Go for photos that complement your décor. Choose ones whose color combinations look good in the room they’re meant for. This prevents the images from sticking out like a sore thumb when you hang them up. It will also elevate the room’s beauty if you have them complementing the décor. Edit your photos if you must to make them fit in with the décor.

Use Black and White Photos

Black and white is a neutral color scheme that matches any room. You can use black and white on your photos so that your wall hanging does not look too cluttered. Too much color can cause a wall gallery to look too messy. The color scheme also exudes the feeling of timelessness. It creates an aesthetic mood on its own.


A wall hanging is a great idea to spruce up the look of a room. It makes a space feel homelier and more attractive. Opting for it provides an opportunity to embrace your artsy side and frame some good moments. Have fun while doing this, and remember to choose the best.