06 Important Wedding Tips to Plan Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, you need to pay attention to several factors to make it a perfect one! Do not take your wedding slightly but also do not take it as a burden. Even though many of us consider, planning a wedding is one of the hardest things ever, it’s actually not. 

Some tips and tricks about wedding planning will be the path to have a perfect wedding. In this article, I explain to you everything you need to know about wedding planning.

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What are the essential wedding planning tips?

  1. Start planning early

Unlike other ceremonies and events, weddings require a lot of prior planning. If you wonder why you need to check the availability of many people and places on a specific day at a specific time. Planning early helps you to have a choice rather than choosing what’s available at the last moment. I suggest you start planning the wedding before four to six months. The early you start it; you go through less stress and pressure. 

  1. Set a budget

Weddings require a well-planned budget. Do not spend on anything related to the wedding before you set a budget for it. You won’t believe it’s not easy to keep records of payments and bills in mind. Hence, since the first day of wedding planning work according to a budget. It will help you to cut off unnecessary expenses, compare the competitive prices and choose the best that suits your budget. It is normal to miss additional costs like beauty expenses, gifts, etc. However, you can add them later and balance the budget. 

  1. Make a guest list

Without having a guest list, it is not easy to finalize a decision when booking a venue, food, or other services. Some venues charge per head and some offer seasonal packages etc. However, your guests will most likely be your biggest expense. Hence, cut off the less important people from the list and include only the people that you need to see on your big day!

  1. Book a makeup artist early

As you already know, you need to check the availability of a few other people who play a vital role in your big day! Undoubtedly, the makeup artist is one of them. Before choosing a makeup artist make sure you know the bridal style you prefer. Find makeup styles, hairstyles, dress designs you like. Then, find the makeup artists near you. Go through their reviews and have a look at the deliverables. Create a shortlist and then book appointments with each one of them. Make sure to explain to them about the styles you wish, your budget, and your expectations. Remember to choose someone trustworthy, easy to work with, understanding, and talented.

  1. Get help

Do not forget to ask for help from the people you trust. Although it is your day, you can make it more perfect by getting help from the people who are good at something. I suggest you talk with friends who already got married, family members who know about weddings, etc. When you have second thoughts about finalizing a decision always ask someone the pros and cons of it. 

  1. Have a plan B

Always have a plan B. If you wonder what does that means, sometimes things can go wrong in an unexpected manner. Don’t think about it a lot but just make sure you have a backup plan. For instance, there are external factors that are out of control of anyone like natural hazards. So, having a plan B is the wisest decision to overcome such instances. It helps you not to panic. You are free from stress on your big day!